Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

The Goal of ACT
The goal of ACT is to work towards a life worth living. This does not mean that life will always be easy or without pain. However, we can learn to be with our pain rather than fighting against it. “ACT” is a fitting abbreviation, because this therapy is about taking action guided by our values; a life that is driven by what matters to you on the deepest levels. Through mindful action we can create a meaningful life in which we are fully present.

ACT teaches a variety of skills to help us change our relationship to the barriers and challenges that stand in the way of a life worth living. It is not so much the difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions that are a problem, but rather how we relate to them that causes problems for us on the inside. ACT focuses on 6 areas of skill, including developing presence, putting things into context, releasing from the hold of difficult thoughts and emotions, acceptance, identifying values, and living out goals. Together, we will identify and develop the skills you need to help take you in the direction of your values!

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