Jeff Gianelli, LCSW provides one-on-one and/ or group consultation services for therapists looking to refine their skills or who are seeking EMDR certification. Jeff received his training form the Roy Keissling EMDR Consulting Institute. He is fully certified in EMDR and is an EMDRIA approved Consultant.

A Parts Informed EMDR Approach:

Combining parts-related interventions and modalities such as Internal Family Systems (IFS) with EMDR in psychotherapy is a powerful holistic approach. Parts work fosters self-awareness and transformation while EMDR assists in processing traumatic experiences. Together, these techniques encourage internal harmony, trauma healing, and self-compassion. Prospective outcomes include enhanced emotional regulation, distress tolerance, resilience, and overall wellbeing. This integrative approach acknowledges the complexity of the human experience, offering an effective route to improved mental health.

Parts Informed EMDR Protocol:

Jeff has developed a Parts Informed EMDR protocol that provides step by step instructions on how to combine parts work with EMDR. The protocol includes a targeting approach to EMDR based on parts.

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