Specialized services for clients who are interested in therapy that integrates Buddhist philosophy, psychology, and meditative techniques.  Or for those who are interested in incorporating mindfulness into their journey.

At the core of Buddhism is the 4 noble truths: 1. That suffering exists 2. That the cause of suffering is craving or clinging. 3. That suffering has an end. 4. That the way to end suffering is the 8 fold path.

Together, we can explore the 8 fold path, what it means and how to apply it to your life. Specific meditative practices such as mindfulness of breathing, lovingkindness and compassion meditation, or the 4 foundations of mindfulness help cultivate the qualities of mind and heart outlined in the 8 fold path that lead to freedom from within. Truly, it is not the circumstances in our lives but our relationship to them that cause us stress and dissatisfaction. The Buddhist path offers methods to improve our relationship to our experience so that we can let go of the resistance that stands in the way of inner peace.

I’ve been studying and training in Theravada Buddhism for the past 12 years and more recently in Tibetan Buddhism in the Yutok Nyningthig tradition. In 2016, I  completed a 2 year program to become ordained as a Buddhist minister. My practice experience includes a 6 week retreat at Kevala retreat center. I am also a trained teacher of the Mindful Self Compassion program.