Combining EMDR With Internal Family Systems (IFS)

In the landscape of modern psychotherapy, therapists are continually exploring innovative ways to enhance therapeutic outcomes and offer clients more comprehensive treatment approaches. Two such modalities gaining attention for their efficacy and compatibility are Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and… Continue Reading →

What Is Mindfulness?

Google ‘mindfulness’ and you’re going to see half a billion search results. There are many different (mis)interpretations of what, at face value, is actually quite simple. Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be aware of how we experience life,… Continue Reading →

3 Keys to Happiness in Daily Life

It doesn’t take a whole new routine to instill a dose of happiness into your day—but it does take a little self awareness. 1. Be grateful for the good & the bad. Research shows, grateful people are happy people. It’s… Continue Reading →

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